Lerang’wa School

Nestled near the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Lerang’wa school is a cornerstone of hope for 900 young children. Over the years, Caterham has fostered a strong bond with Lerang’wa, with our Lower Sixth students making impactful visits, all while fundraising to ensure these children receive their midday meals.


The pandemic threw a wrench in our plans, halting our visits temporarily. Yet, through the generosity of our supporters during the last Giving Day, we managed to sustain the vital midday meal program. Now, as we gear up to resume our annual Lerang’wa trips, we are reminded of the school's dire need for improved facilities. 

Teaching spaces are overcrowded, and many teachers and their families are living in inadequate living conditions, sleeping in cramped classrooms and storerooms. With Giving Day underway, our goal is clear: to raise funds for essential facility improvements at Lerang’wa. Your support can help us provide a better learning environment for these children and offer dignity to their dedicated teachers. Join us in making a lasting impact on their lives.


With £5,000, we can initiate transformative change. This amount would enable us to construct a classroom equipped with facilities to lay the foundation for Lerang’wa's very own library. For £10,000, we can take a significant step forward by providing a detached house for a dedicated teacher and their family, offering them a stable living environment essential for their commitment to the community, fitted with solar panels to allow teachers to continue working after the sun goes down. Yet, for just an additional £5,000, we can amplify our impact. This modest increase allows us to build a semi-detached house, providing housing for not one, but two teachers and their families. Your support can make a profound difference in the lives of these educators and the community they serve.


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